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Mark Martinez was one of the first contestants chosen for the hit Simon Cowell show American Inventor. Going all the way to the finals and being awarded $50,000, Mark's SackMaster is an innovative shovel-like device that allows you to fill sandbags in one fast easy step! Recognized by a team of professional inventors as a must have product in flood prone areas and for instantly bagging anything from leaves to gravel in one move!

Seen by more than 14 million people on the hit ABC TV show AMERICAN INVENTOR!

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The first Patented and superior One Man, One Scoop, Sand bag Filler. 

The Sackmaster founder and creator, Mark Martinez,  respectfully challenges any of the copy cat competitors to a sand bagging test to prove that the original Sackmaster product is far superior in all ways in design and function or your money back! Guaranteed!

Why do YOU need the SackMaster??

The SACKMASTER Saves Time, Energy and Man Power, the time you save may be the time you need.

Do you live in a flood prone area? Sandbags are a critical barrier that are used to slows down flooding and reduces the cost of property damage. The SackMaster reduces the amount of Muck, Debris and Water that may enter your homes, pools, and businesses causing thousands and sometimes millions of dollars of damage.

We can't stop Mother Nature but we can slow her down!

Unfortunately filling sandbags can be a tedious, time consuming process---until now.

The SackMaster can produce 5 times the sandbags as the traditional 2 man method in half the time.

Fill it FAST with the SACKMASTER.

There are many uses for this patented invention:

Sand, Mulch, Gravel, Rocks, Pebbles, Seeds, Wood Chips, Flour, Rice, Grain, Nuts, Oats, and Beans, Dirt, Rocks, Wheat, Soil.

The SACKMASTER Saving Hopes, Dreams, and Lives one Sandbag at a Time.

Mark was invited by the Mayor of New Orleans to visit the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Unfortunately the Sackmaster was not available at that time to protect life and property.

Don’t be fooled by boxy Imitations!


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